25. January 2022.

“Croatian Quality” label

Herbae Dalmatiae has six products that have acquired the “Croatian Quality” label. The label is awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce as recognition for several years […]
7. November 2021.

Free samples

Do you wish to try a new Herbae product and see if you, your skin and hair like it? Well, we have a solution! With every […]
5. April 2021.

Marine Mediterranean soap

The story begins in the sea salt factory, in the small town of Krvavica, near Makarska. The finest flower of salt, rich in minerals, aromatic and […]
12. January 2021.

For the people of Banovina

We are witnessing the terrible consequences of a strong earthquake that hit the area of central Croatia. It will take a long time for life to […]
2. December 2020.

For soft and nourished skin in Winter

Real cold has finally caught up and there’s no more waiting for the joys of Winter! Winter brings us closer in the warmth of our home, […]
22. November 2020.

Statistical data about Rose tonic

We have been thoroughly studying why our customers keep choosing  the Herbae Rosa Damascena tonic. These are the results: 50% for daily facial care, all skin […]
1. November 2020.

Free gift wrapping

Very often and for different occasions, our customers tend to purchase our cosmetics for gifting purposes. If you wish to order our products as a gift […]
19. August 2020.

Bath sensation

HD SOAPS: hand made, enriched with high purity essential oils, made of best row materials and carefully monitored in every stage of production, HD soaps coming […]
19. August 2020.

HD oils- why we do love them?

HD OILS- WHY WE DO LOVE THEM? As lipids are reduced, the skin barrier is disrupted, resulting in transepidermal water loss and the penetration of free […]
18. August 2020.

After sun care solution

  After sun and beach relaxing it is time to treat your stressed skin. HD citrus enriched luxurious body cream- feels like the ultimate in deep […]
17. August 2020.

Most desireable summer scent- Lavender!

Most desirable summer scent- Lavender! This lovely shrub with a bluish blossom decorates the Croatian coast and islands, along with a strong aromatic smell that refines […]
15. August 2020.

ROSEWATER hydrating toner

When your skin needs hydration, Herbae makes it possible with its rich scented and healing floral water, from the famous Damascena rose. ROSA DAMASCENA hydrating tonic […]
15. August 2020.

The excitement of creating

The path to creating a quality cosmetic product is a long and complex one, with many factors involved, such as: what our goals are, the market […]
9. May 2020.

Good morning with Herbae!